Responding Boldly to Community Voices

Aglobal pandemic. Economic decline. Racial unrest. Nothing could have prepared us more for 2020 than the work we accomplished in 2019. A new strategic plan, with its focus on equity, set us upon a new journey that is more relevant today than ever before in the community foundation’s history.

We reflect on our racial equity learning journey and the adoption of a new strategic plan. Our grantees are simply the best, and the impact of their work is highlighted. And we include our COVID-19 response and are pleased to acknowledge the phenomenal work of Genesee County nonprofit organizations.

With your generous gifts, we have responded boldly to many challenges in 2019, and 2020 as well. Thank you for embracing our vision of a vibrant and equitable Flint and Genesee County.

Our Vision

A vibrant and equitable Genesee County where everyone can thrive.

Our Mission

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint partners and leads by influencing and connecting generosity to Genesee County needs. For Good. For Ever. For Everyone.

Our Values

Integrity: encompassing credibility, ethics and stewardship
Inclusiveness: encompassing accessibility, diversity and social justice
Impact: encompassing agility, responsiveness and effectiveness

Your gift to a Community Foundation fund will make an impact today and in the future. Gifts you give are invested for long-term growth, providing grants back into the community. You become part of the effort to create positive change within Genesee County.

When you give from the heart, your gifts touch nonprofit organizations working directly with residents, meeting the needs that they say are important. You will empower others to realize their dreams … for good, forever, for everyone.